Book: Healer Within
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Qigong and Tai Chi DVDs and Books by Dr. Roger Jahnke to support your personal exploration of Qigong and Tai Chi

The Healer Within: Using Traditional Chinese Techniques To Release Your Body's Own Medicine * Movement * Massage * Meditation * Breathing

Dr. Roger Jahnke, translates Asian traditions of self-healing into a four-part health promotion program for daily practice -- gentle movement of the body; self-applied massage, combining massage of the ears, hands, and feet; breathing practices; and methods of deep relaxation and meditation, crucial to calming and focusing the mind. The reader can experiment and choose among the varied practices to tailor an easy-to-implement regimen. IIQTC Level 1 Required Curriculum.

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Book: Healing Promise of Qi
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The Healing Promise of Qi: Creating Extraordinary Wellness Through Qigong and Tai Chi

The Healing Promise of Qi unlocks the secrets of one of the most powerful of Chinese healing arts. Developed over millennia in China, Qigong (literally, life force + mastery, or refinement) is a set of techniques used to increase your vitality, longevity as well as achieve and maintain optimal health and inner peace. In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Roger Jahnke, internationally respected doctor of Chinese medicine and author of the bestselling The Healer Within, clearly and simply explains the concepts of Qigong in practical terms. With the help of 125 superbly rendered illustrations, he describes a multitude of simple Qigong tools, practices, and techniques for accessing and utilizing the incredible power of qi. Dr. Jahnke presents concise, easy-to-follow techniques from among the more than 25 traditional and modern forms that he has mastered and taught to thousands of people across the US, Canada, Asia, and Europe. IIQTC Level 1 Required Curriculum.

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Book: Healing Promise of Qi
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PDF IconThe Most Profound Medicine: The Supreme Essence of Traditional Asian Systems of Medicine

The Most Profound Medicine is a comprehensive introduction to the remarkable self-healing and spiritual aspects of Mind-Body Practice. The book penetrates the roots, history, and philosophy of Qigong and Tai Chi and its links to Chinese medicine along with an exploration of the energy basis for the most profound medicine which is produced within the human system. It is the definitive guide to understanding how all Mind-Body Practices are related and how they work, published by Dr. Roger Jahnke and Health Action Press. IIQTC Level 1 Required Curriculum.

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DVD: Qigong Chi Kung
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Streaming Video - Qigong-Chi Kung: Awakening and Mastering the Medicine Within You

Dr. Roger Jahnke's Qigong-Chi Kung: Awakening and Mastering the Medicine Within You set the standard for instruction in the self-healing arts of China, over the past 15 years and started the powerful Qigong revolution the United States! Over 20,000 users have benefited from the simple yet profound methods in this program and many more have been inspired at his workshops, trainings, retreats, and lectures. It includes beautiful film footage from China and easy instruction for six kinds of Qigong all chosen because they are effective and simple to learn. IIQTC Level 1 Required Curriculum.

  • Vitality Enhancement Medical Qigong - Fu Zheng Qigong
  • Tendon-Changing (Connective Tissue Rehabilitation) Qigong - Yi Jin Jing
  • Marrow Bathing (The Daoist - Taoist Medicine Wheel) - Xi Sui Jing
  • Spontaneous Qigong - Zi Ran Qigong
  • Seven Precious Gestures - Qi Zhen Qigong
  • Qigong Verses - Two Qigong Poems with associated movement

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DVD - Essentials of Qigong: The Ancient Chinese Way to Better Health - USPS Shipping Included

Dr. Roger Jahnke reveals profound insights into the ancient and remarkable Chinese practices called Qi Gong (Chi Kung). Qigong and its offspring Tai Chi will revolutionize health care and provide powerful tools for spiritual practice and performance enhancement . This radical yet mild combination of breath practice, gentle body movement and meditation literally activates our "healer within" to produce remarkable inner healing elixirs. Dr. Jahnke reflects on a multitude of incredible topics. He introduces in a demonstration format four amazing yet simple Qigong methods that could be followed as a brief practice buddy (one is fairly advanced). He then explains numerous practical applications plus some of the deeper secrets of Qigong. This program is part documentary, part demonstration. If you seek a practice oriented program please see Qigong – Chi Kung: Awakening and Mastering the Medicine Within.

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